Quantum Wealth Creation Seminar

Quantum Wealth Creation Seminar

Date: 12th February 2019 6:00PM

Level 6 50 Margaret Street Sydney

Association - Quantum Wealth Creation Seminar

Association Wealth Creation Seminar

Date: 16th February 2019 10:00AM

Level 6 50 Margaret Street Sydney

Number Attending:

We can show you the best ways to invest for your future.

Successful Wealth Creation Solutions and Investments

Quantum Research forms part of the Quantum Group of companies and offers a range of Seminars to discuss investment options' ideas and research on many of the sometime complex investments, taxation and wealth creation issues that investors need to consider when building a “wealth plan”. Issues to consider include which investment markets to invest into, level of gearing, times to buy and time to sell.

We invite guest speakers at our offices to discuss complex concepts regarding investment options, typically in direct investments in shares, bonds and property.

Most of the key concepts revolve around creating wealth, minimizing taxation and ensure good sound policies of investment choices.

We are a fully licensed financial advisor under ASIC, with full accreditation in finance, financial planning and insurance, specialising in advising clients on property, overseas investments and complex tax planning.

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(Hours: 8:30am–5:30pm)


  • Super v’s Property
  • We discuss the stock market and property markets in general, ways to invest and overall performances over 10, 20 years. Ideas on gearing and different ways to invest.

  • How to start a wealth plan?
  • To start a wealth plan you need to look at 5 key items, Assets, Liabilities, Income Expenses and then where you are going. A Quantum Wealth Plan takes into account all of these factors to set you on the right path. Of course we need to also look at Protecting your assets, life cover, and tax structures such as trusts and SMSF etc. It is all taken care of within the Quantum Wealth plan

  • Tax Structures what works for your circumstances
  • Australia has some of the highest rates of taxes in the world for individual tax payers, as the late Kerry Packer stated in a senate enquiry, “Anybody in this country who does not minimise his tax wants his head read”, so we take time to discuss various tax structures and strategies with you as part of your current Wealth Plan.

  • How to retire early
  • Typically, most retirement planning is targeted at retirement in your late 50’s or 60’s, it would be important to look at ways to generate real wealth and at least have the option of retirement earlier than later. Using the Quantum Wealth Plan, we look at ways to activate earlier retirement, or at least give you that choice.

  • How much money do I need to retire?
  • This is a key point we make when assessing what funds you really need at retirement. With inflation goods and services today will be vastly more expensive in the future. Planning how much you will need at retirement is a key ingredient in building your Wealth Plan.

  • How long can I live (life expectancy)
  • A recent report by HSBC, indicated that 44% admit that they are either inadequately preparing for retirement or not preparing at all. Australians expect their retirement to last an average of 23 years, they are suffering from a shortfall in funding which will see their savings and investments run dry after 10 years of retirement. The life expectancy of the average Australian Male is now 83 years, so in most cases you need to plan at least 25-30 years into your retirement.

  • Inflation to real cost of living
  • With inflation good and services today will be vastly more expensive in the future. Some economists estimate Inflation Rate in Australia to stand at 1.9% in 12 months’ time (2017), with the long-term, the Australia Inflation Rate is projected to trend around 3.80 percent in 2020, according to “Trading Economics Model”. This would indicate something that costs $100 today is going to cost worth $139 in 10 years or $168 in 15 years.

  • When can you afford to retire
  • With inflation expected to trend to 3% or greater, and general expenses in Australia being one of the most expensive countries to live in the world (Ranked 6th on Huffington Post, top 10 under Clements report on most expensive countries for an expat to live in), you need to carefully plan your retirement strategies.

  • Shares Versus managed Funds Versus Real Estate
  • We evaluate and analyse all the available options to provide you the best possible solution. We consider various markets to invest in, such as shares and property.

  • what’s best for you.
  • Overall our aim is to provide you with the best advice and service to allow you to make the right investment choices. The experience you have with our firm is what’s important.

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